To Paint or Not to Paint (Our Brick Fireplace)…

I am a lover of all things white and am firmly positioned on team #justpaintwhitealready. Before we moved in our home, I couldn’t wait to tackle the brown brick fireplaces. (We have one on the main floor of our home in the living room and another located in the basement.) Although I was up in the air whether to paint them solid white or do something fun like limewash the brick, I knew they would not be staying their natural color.

As time went by in our house, this project was put on the back burner as more pressing things were dealt with. The funny thing that happened was as time went by, the more fond I became of our brown brick fireplaces, especially the one upstairs. There is something organic and natural about it that really pops against our light gray walls and white wainscoting in the hallway.

I love the rustic-ness (yes, Mom, I know that’s not a word) of it and the cozy feeling it adds to our home. Something about daring to leave the fireplace in it’s natural state in an era where everything is painted white, just gives an authentication to our living room.

Also, if I’m to think about the big picture, I have plans one day to remove the wall seen here and make the living room and kitchen more open. Ideally, I want to do it in a way where some of the brick is exposed on the kitchen side also.

Here is a shot of the same wall from the kitchen side.

Without a doubt, there will be white cabinets in our kitchen. So altogether, we will have white wainscoting in the hallway, my grandmother’s china cabinet that has been painted white, hopefully some white built-ins in the nook off the living room, and white kitchen cabinets. I just feel the brick would lose it’s character if it became white also.

So which team are you on? Leave it be? Paint it white! Or I don’t know, maybe limewash? Drop a comment and let me know!


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