The Wednesday Wish List- the under $20 edition

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I’m really excited to share this week’s Wednesday Wish List with you! These are all really fun things that my family has truly been enjoying including one of our favorite TV shows, how to preserve family recipes to pass down to your daughter, and how to get your kids to sleep in a house full of teenage boys. And I think all the items are under $20.

For those of you unfamiliar with this series, this is where I talk about anything that makes life easier for me, or anything cool I’ve found, or anything that makes life more enjoyable.

And, man, nothing gives away my age more than using the word “cool”.

1.) Big Red Rooster White Noise Machine

I’ve owned this white noise sound machine for around a year now and it has a permanent spot on my nightstand. (I know, the name’s terrible.) It’s got a very small footprint so it doesn’t take up a lot of room and is lightweight enough to take with you when you travel.

I sleep so much deeper when I have it on and my kids seem to like it too. We recently went on a spring break trip with my husband’s high school baseball team. Just me, Jeremy, our kiddos, and about 20 high school boys in the same cozy beach house. Yeah, I know.

But honestly, when we went to bed I just turned this sound machine on and my kids slept so soundly through any noise that may have been going on. I don’t think they woke up at all that week.

It’s got 6 different sound options to listen to. I prefer the thunder one or the white noise one. You’ve got the option to either plug it in or can be operated by battery.

My favorite feature of it is the timer, though. At some point after I fall asleep, it kind of goes to “sleep” too. And if I ever wake up through the night, it senses my movements and starts back up again. I’ve noticed my daughter sleeps later when I have it on for that very reason. Sometimes her little brother can be loud early in the morning but when the sound machine is on, she can’t hear him. You can click here to check it out.

2.) Recipe Keepsake Book to My Daughter- How to Preserve Recipes to Pass Down

Preserve recipes for daughter

One of my coworker’s told me about this blank recipe book that she has filled out for her daughter. I fell in love with this idea and had to buy me one too. It’s the cutest little recipe book that you fill in over the years. Then one day when your daughter (or son) gets married, you have this wonderful compilation of all their favorite recipes to gift to them.

I think it would also be a wonderful house warming gift for your children or a great unique baby shower gift to give a new mother. Mine is still blank because I’m pretty sure my daughter is not going to need my recipe for EasyMac or Spaghetti O’s, or at least I hope not! And that’s pretty much all she likes at this point in time.

3.) Beinou Sequin Headbands

Image from Amazon’s website. Click here to visit.

I bought these for my daughter on a whim because she loves sequins and rainbows right now. And her hair is always in her face. They come in a little 3 pack with different colors and no matter what is going on with her hair, they help her look a little more polished. (Her Dad gets her ready for school while I’m already commuting to work and is currently working on perfecting his ponytail technique.) So these little headbands work out great!

4.) The Show “How to Get Away with Murder”

This is the latest show that Jeremy and I have watched in bits and spurts over the last year. It’s originally broadcast on ABC but we just binge watch it on Netflix when we find a night where one of us hasn’t fallen asleep by 9. And by one of us, I mean me.

It’s written and produced by the same person who produced Scandal. So if you liked that show at all, chances are you’ll like this one as well. There are some graphic scenes in it, just like anything on TV these days, so, if you’re a parent, make sure you only watch it after the kids go to bed! I made the mistake of trying to watch the first episode while my daughter was playing. Let’s just say I was scrambling for the remote!!

The show’s based around practicing defense lawyer, Annalise Keating, who also is a law professor. The title of the course she teaches is, “How to Get Away with Murder.” She kind of reminds me of the Grey’s Anatomy character, Miranda Bailey, with her no nonsense approach and withering stare.

The show has so many twists and turns so I don’t want to say anything more and give something away! You’ll just have to watch for yourself!

5.) Melissa and Doug Joey Magnetic Dress Up Doll

I bought this for my son for his Valentine’s Day present and it turns out my daughter is a bigger fan than he is. I think maybe he’s just a little too young for it right now. But, my daughter plays with this all the time. I love it because she gets to use her imagination and it’s not a big, bulky toy so I can store it easily.

And can we just talk about all the toys?

Toys are my nemesis right now. They are everywhere. And no matter how much time I spend organizing, it never gets any better.

I’ve been slowly purging through the madness. I hate that I’m so sentimental about so much. It breaks my heart to go through my daughter’s Little People that she has loved for so much of her life. She still plays with them some so that’s my excuse for hanging onto them.

Or I’ll remember how cute my son was when he played with a certain toy and it literally causes me pain to try and part with it. I can’t be alone in this.

Kids play deeper with less stuff.

And I’ve seen so many people talk about how much better their kids play with less stuff, when they downsized the toy collection. There are books upon books upon books written on how having too much toys can cause ADHD like symptoms when it comes to kids’ playtime. They’re more easily distracted. They’re overwhelmed.

The Rotating Toy System

I’ve also heard of a system where parents keep their toys on a rotating schedule. It goes something like this (trying to remember off the top of my head):

  • 1/3 of the toys are left out for kids to play with for a span of one week. The other 2/3 are stored somewhere (closet, attic, basement.)
  • At the end of week 1, the toys that are left out for play are boxed up, and another 1/3 of the toys go out. You still have 2/3 of the toys stored.
  • At the end of week 2, those 1/3 of the toys get switched and the remaining 1/3 that hasn’t been used yet gets put out.
  • So basically your kids have a new set of toys every week for 3 weeks. The newness of the toys is supposed to prompt their interest while the lack of all their toys in one spot is supposed to prompt their deeper play.

Which all this makes sense to me. It also seems like a lot of work. But maybe once you start implementing it and get a system it gets easier. Kind of one of those things that once you get in the habit you just do it without really thinking about it.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll do a little experiment with this and let you know how it goes.

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