The Wednesday Wish List

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I’m just a girl. Hollering and waving my arms towards Friday. “I see you, Friday! I’m almost there!” Friday’s are like a beacon on the hill. A bright light shining in the distance. But, never fear! We’ve made it to Wednesday. Wednesday is where it’s at, you guys. Half way through this week! Only two more short days to go!!

So, let’s give Wednesday some much needed love! Here is our next installment of the Wednesday Wish List! Grab your coffee and take a breather with me.

1.) Plum Paper Planners

I remember reading a post on Facebook a few years back. Someone had asked what kind of planners everyone was using. And alllll these people were chiming in. I wasn’t even aware planners existed other than the ones I saw in the “school supply” aisle at Walmart!! Evidently, these said planners changed their life. Helped them organize things. Helped them remember things. The more they talked, the more I realized, I need this! I want to be type A too!!

So, you can only imagine the rejoicing my inner nerd did when I stumbled upon the Plum Paper site. Imagine me as a cartoon, where my heart bulges out of my chest and starts beaming.There were other planners suggested in that Facebook post, but Plum Paper stood out from the rest. Reviewers said it was more budget friendly than the popular Erin Condren, although I’m not sure I would consider it budget friendly. It was definitely a small investment.

But what I love about it is the ability to customize it to your life. How your brain works. You set it up by day, week, vertical, horizontal. However works for you. I’ve recommended these to so many people because I am just smitten with them.

They are yearly planners and I’m now on my second one. They are broken down by months like most planners, but also have extra sections you can customize.

I chose these categories for my first planner:

  • My Home
  • Budget
  • Prayer
  • Notes
  • Meals

But for my second, I chose to forgo the Meal section (because I found I plan my meals on the “weekly” pages) and the Prayer section (I actually have a separate notebook that I like using for this better.)

However, I will say this planner has helped me “get it together” a little better. I write down anything and everything that crosses my mind and I no longer have a pocket full of wadded up Post-Its at the end of the day. I carry it daily in a tote bag, because it is quite bulky, along with my laptop.

I love love love the Note section and pay a little extra to have more blank note pages added in. I use this section to plan out my home to do list, home projects, Christmas lists, random, important info I want to remember, and so on.

So, if you’re in the market for something to help organize all the things a little better, I can’t say enough about these planners. Be prepared to invest a little bit of money. You can expect to pay around ~$50 a pop. But, they are so worth it, in my humble little opinion.

2.) TJ Maxx/ Home Goods/ Marshall Throws

I’ve now purchased 3 throws from these stores. I love how cheap they are (usually around $10-20) and how soft! My daughter calls these the “soft blankets”. And, they’re also stylish. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, but I’m always drawn to the muted tones since they accent the color scheme in my house. So for under $20, you can bring home a nice fluffy, soft throw that can be thrown over the couch or draped at the foot of your bed to add both function and a nice element of texture.

You can see a glimpse of my favorite throw from TJ Maxx at the foot of our bed.

3.) Ozark Trail Insulated Cups

One of my presents for my 31st birthday was an insulated Yeti cup from my husband. I guess when he’s thinking of things I’ll like, coffee is always at the top of the list. It’s actually a very sweet gift because he knew I had a problem with my coffee getting cold before I could drink it all. At that time, I only had my daughter and she wasn’t even one yet.

I have to say, that Yeti cup lived up to all the hype. That thing will keep my coffee warm for hours. And since I’m a sipper, you’re either a sip all day kind of person or drink it and be done, that’s right up my alley. I get to savor and enjoy my coffee for as long as I want.

Over the years since then, my husband has added to my collection. This time with Walmart’s version of the Yeti which are the Ozark Trail brand. I believe the Yeti’s still run around $40 but here’s a link to the Ozark brand. They work just as well as the Yeti’s. I literally cannot tell a difference. Maybe it would be different with a drink you needed to keep cold? All I know is for my coffee? Fabulous.

4.) Better Homes and Garden Storage Ottoman

Better Homes and Garden’s tufted storage ottoman. Find it here.

Speaking of Walmart, the next item on the list is not something I’ve purchased, but something I’m drooling over. This ottoman would solve so many problems at my house. I’d love to have one in my daughter’s room to store her Barbies and other miscellaneous toys. It looks so much more stylish than a toy box, and also would give her a comfy place to sit and read her books. The small size of it would nestle perfectly in a corner of her room.

I’d also like one for the little nook in my living room where I plan on adding some cozy chaise type chairs and some built ins around the window. I’m picturing this area being a little reading/ homework area but would love to have some storage from this ottoman. I could use it as a table between two chairs and store the miscellaneous toys that always end up here.

5.) Roman shade from Ikea

Another item that’s been on my radar is this roman shade/ blind from Ikea. I’m a sucker for anything ticking stripe and the blue stripes on this shade just speaks sweet nothings in my ear. I’m picturing it on the window in our mudroom or possibly on some windows in my kitchen. I’m probably just gonna go ahead and order one and I’m sure I’ll find somewhere to put it!

So here’s this week’s edition of Wednesday wish list! I hope you’ve enjoyed and hope you have a great rest of the week. Here’s me lifting my two fingers in a Katniss Everdeen salute. Until Friday, my friends.


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    Such a timely post for me! I am for sure going to look into those planners. I need a new one! And PS, I am from London KY!

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