The Story of Our Home

So this is the back story on why we live where we do, how we came to live here, and why we chose this particular house as the home for our family. Living in this home hasn’t always been easy or fun. There have been times when we have been tempted to walk away, to choose something not quite such a fixer upper, or maybe even build a home from scratch.

But I’m so glad we’ve stuck it out. This house IS home. Our home. And looking back in hindsight, I feel this whole journey has set us up to put us exactly where we are meant to be in this moment. Our blog would never have started without this home. At the end of the day, this place our family returns home to every night has become a haven. And like the old saying goes, anything worth having is worth working for.

Back when we first moved in our current home, money was tight.  We had just welcomed our miracle baby Ansley six short months prior. We moved in a whirlwind frenzy after selling our first house just 4 days after it was initally listed on the market and to top it all off, only had one week to move out of it. Needless to say, my plans on a well organized move bit the dust. Heck, I was just thankful to have stuff thrown in boxes at this point.

Our current home- Before

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About Me

Hi! I’m Lauren. Welcome!

I live in rural Kentucky not far from Louisville, home of the Kentucky Derby. You can usually find me chasing after my two beloved children, sneaking a moment to read a book, or at the baseball field where my husband of almost 10 years coaches high school baseball. All of this is done with my Yeti cup full of coffee not far from hand.

I love all things that make a house a home. Most of my time is spent studying how others have created a home for themselves and then try to apply those principles to my own home.

My mission is to create a home full of warmth, love, grace, laughter and beautiful décor for my family on a very tight budget. Couldn’t do this without help from my handsome DIY hubby and creative inspiration from our two kids. That being said, this is real life. We live in our home but also desire it to be beautiful as well. But, I also want my kids to feel at home as well as any guests who enter.

We had some practice DIYing our first home so when we viewed our 1979 bilevel home in a lakeside neighborhood in desperate need of some updating, we knew it was a job we could tackle. It has been a slow process and an exercise in perseverance, but our current house is slowly evolving into our forever home. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears has been put into these four walls as well as laughter and love.

While this is mainly a DIY home decor blog you will also find some family style posts in the “Life at Home” section, which will include a variety of topics.

Come join me as I document our adventures in DIY and life on lake street!

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