Living Room Nook Decorating Ideas: 2 Different Mood Boards

Living Room Nook

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Moody Monday

So, it’s Monday…. I’ll spare you all the thoughts I have on that. Instead, just to pay a little homage to the start of the week, I’m gonna switch things up and have a little fun. I’m trying out something different today that I hope you all enjoy. Let’s call it… Moody Mondays.

Every Monday, I’ll feature a different mood board, either for my home or maybe even someone else’s, with a list of the items that I’ve found and a breakdown of what that mood board would cost if you were to go out and purchase it yourself. This week, I’m talking about the upstairs living room nook. I’ve got big plans for this area!

This week’s feature: Our living room nook

The previous owners’ of our home had knocked down a wall between what used to be the living room and dining room to open it all up and make one larger living space. While I love the character and openness this created, it leaves a bit of an awkward layout that I’ve been struggling to design/decorate around.

At one point, when my kids were still in the baby stage, we just solely used this area for function. We threw a little gate over there and made it a playroom of sorts. Design/ beauty/ aesthetics were not a priority at the time. Surviving was.

This little area made it convenient for me to keep an eye on them while cooking, cleaning, etc and I didn’t have to worry about what they were getting into. Or putting into their mouths. Basically anything I would have to call Poison Control over.

Now that the kids are getting a little older (and more independent), we’ve turned a room in our basement into their playroom. Since we’ve been remodeling downstairs, it seemed like the perfect time to make the transition.

We’ve never really utilized the basement before now, so it’s so nice to almost have this area ready for our family to hang out in. Hopefully we’ll have a reveal for you guys coming soon! Just know as I say this I have my fingers crossed on both hands! This project has been going on since January/ February and got brutally interrupted by baseball season. We’re just now starting to get back into it again.

And the kids love it down there since it’s like a whole other area to our home they get to explore. Plus, I’m giddy with excitement over the thought of having a functioning mudroom soon. That will make such a difference in our house and I am ever so patiently waiting. But, I digress. Back to the matter at hand.

So, now, I have this blank nook in my living room. I’ve finally come up with a solution that makes me happy. The challenge is now finding a way to decorate this space without breaking the bank. Because we seriously have like 1,000 irons in the proverbial fire. So, we need to keep this short and sweet and cheap.

This is the area in question (right after the Easter bunny left:). As you can see, it’s pretty empty at the moment, except for the rug. So, since we already own the rug, I’ll be including it in both mood boards but not it the price.

Check out the rest of the before’s from our home tour here.

And this pic kind of gives you an idea of where this nook is located in the whole scheme of our house. And even though it is a part of the living room, I want to define this area and give this space it’s own “feel”. I’ve denoted the window that our built ins will be constructed around. Then, I’ll do some sort of window seat under that window on the far wall.

I’ve come up with 2 different designs to show you all. I’ll include the price of what everything costs (excluding the built ins, I’ll get to that in another post). And, any and all input is appreciated. I’m also doing this to give you all an idea of how easy it can be to spruce up a space for not a whole lot of money.

So, without further ado, here we go.

Option 1)

Option 1 is the one I’m personally leaning towards the most. I love the texture of the rattan chairs and how the bronze-y metal from the light fixtures play off that. I plan to add lots of cozy texture with throw pillows and the material for the window seat.

As you can see, it’s all kind of subtle and muted and neutral which is what I always gravitate towards. My husband likes more pops of color than I usually do, so my compromise it to add that in with accessories. In this case, what I pick to decorate the built ins that will frame the window.

Here’s the sources from everything listed above:

That brings our grand total for Mood Board Option #1 to $497.86.

Not too shabby for an entire room. And, remember, there is always, always the option to find one or all of these items secondhand. In fact, this weekend, I’m planning to scour the thrift and antique stores for some chairs I could potentially redo rather than paying the $200 for the price of 2 new ones. Just use this as a guide for how to put a room together and make adjustments as needed!

Option 2

Option #2 has the same form and function as Option #1 but adds in things like more decor and more comfort. The price tag is also higher for this mood board. Let’s see what Option #2 has in store for us.

Which brings the grand total for Mood board #2 to: $746.85.

So like I said, this option is a little higher but you get a little more included. And now that I have a direction set, and know the look I’m going for, it makes it easier when out shopping to keep my eyes open for things that could fit the bill. Maybe, hopefully, with a smaller price tag. I’ll keep you posted!

Which option was your favorite? Or, do you own any of the things I’ve listed? I would love a review! Thanks so much for reading, guys! I wish you the happiest of Mondays!

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