My Ugly Backyard- and What I Want To Do About It!!

You would never believe me, if I told you.

Trust me, if you saw my backyard in it’s current state, you would think I’m insane. Certifiable. Well, wait, I guess you will see it in a moment. You make your own call.

But it was this backyard that sealed the deal for Jeremy and I on our house. It’s a quaint little fenced in yard with lots of trees and squirrels. (Including Bob the squirrel, our little bob tailed squirrel that’s lived in our backyard since he was a baby.)

I love the silo in the background. If that land behind our lot is ever for sale, we plan to snatch it right up!

What Made Us Pick This House

But the star of the backyard was this little rundown playhouse with stairs leading up to it and this magical little slide coming off the deck. The previous owner had built this for his children when they were small. It had seen better days and was in need of some major repairs but I could almost hear his kids squealing with laughter as they slid down the slide. I could see them holed up in the playhouse when they needed a space of their own to escape to. And, in essence, that little rundown playhouse symbolized all that a childhood should be.

Check out this post for why we ended up having to take it down and what we got to replace it.

Our Plans

We knew going into purchasing this house that we eventually would tear down the existing deck and rebuild a new one, maybe adding in a screened-in porch as well. The previous owners had put in a rock patio that we plan on converting into a stamped concrete patio.

Pardon my photoshop artistic abilities. The gray lines denotes the future concrete patio, with some graceful curved edges.

Also on our agenda, is tearing down an old shed and lean to that we have no use for. It’s the perfect place for a cozy firepit for roasting hot dogs and making s’mores with pretty string lights strung from the fence to the tree.

On the far right side of our backyard, I’d like to make a berm (what kind of a word is that?) between the 2 trees and put some kind of hammock between them and fill with shade loving plants like hostas, impatiens, ferns, and coral bells. Maybe hang some pretty solar lanterns from the tree branches.

Against the other side of the deck, I’d like to make a designated kid area to house all the backyard toys, like the sand and water tables. Jeremy also has some big plans for a toy tractor, dump truck, dirt pile area. And then all that will be left will be some kid friendly decor. Maybe some rustic stumps made into little kid size benches or something of that nature.

The last thing on the list is to plant some pretty vines over this cute little arbor going from the front to backyard. I’ve always wanted one. I’m thinking a trumpet vine or maybe a wisteria vine. If you have any wisdom for me on either of these let me know! I don’t want something I have to babysit or stay on top off so the more low maintenance, the better!!!

This is just an inspiration photo and clearly not mine. But I love the lush purple flowers and the ethereal quality it has.

Image by nightowl from Pixabay

Our Problem Areas

There are two main problems with the backyard that we need to address. The first is a very large, very massive , very old tree located right beside our house. We’ve had a pro come look at it and they agreed it needed to come down. It probably already has done some damage to the foundation but if not removed will definitely cause problems down the road. And really, the main reason for me, is it’s located right next to our freaking bedrooms where we sleep! It just terrifies me that the next ice storm, windstorm, tornado will bring it crashing down.

Second item of business we need to address is the flooding in our backyard. It’s always been an issue since we moved in but since January of this year, we’ve had record breaking amounts of rain, and it seems like our backyard is always flooded. We believe it’s mainly due to the aforementioned rock patio I was telling you about earlier. The water just dams up against the rocks and has eroded all of our grass from this area in the yard. So basically, our backyard has been unusable for the past five months.

So…. shew!

That’s it.

It’s a little scary putting this out there for the whole world to see. It just makes me more motivated to bring these dreams to fruition. I’d love to see pics of your backyard projects! Post ’em below or let me know what you think of mine!

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