How to Easily Use Baskets in Your Decor- And Add Function Too

If you like it, then you shoulda put a basket on it! (Or under it, if you’re going to get all technical about it.) I hope this terrible Beyonce pun doesn’t dissuade you from reading any further, ha ha. It was pretty bad, I admit.

But, really, this little decorating hack does wonders. I’m not sure what it is about grouping accessories in a decorative basket or box that is so pleasing to the eye, but it most definitely is. I’ve used this underrated tip many times in my own home. And I’m always somehow surprised at how much better it looks.

Use baskets on a console or coffee table.

I’ve found using baskets on small tables works wonders! You can stash a lot of small things in there without it looking cluttered or haphazard. Something about everything being contained in the basket makes it look purposeful and intentional.

First of all, I just love the chunky woven texture of this basket. Here’s a link to a similar one. It’s versatile enough that I could move it around to anywhere else in the house if the mood ever strikes. I also love the function of it.

For instance, with 2 small kids having Kleenex’s around is a must. I love that I can hide them in the back of the basket without them looking like a huge eye sore. I also love that my candles can be displayed and not only function at making our home smell good, but also serve as part of the decor.

Contain clutter on a dresser.

The next place I’ve used this technique is in our master bedroom. My dresser is like a flashing neon sign for clutter. It’s a never ending battle trying to keep this area clear. One Target trip in early spring, I snatched up this cute little box from the dollar aisle knowing I could use it somewhere.

And, I’m happy to report it works perfectly at storing all our miscellaneous stuff like remote controls, a stray set of earrings, and some sentimental wedding gifts. Something about placing all the mishap into a box makes it seem like less of a mess and like it’s more intentionally placed where it’s supposed to go.

Hide the toys!!

I also use all kinds of basket for toys. I’ve got 3 hanging on the wall in our son’s room, 2 large ones in the toy room, along with about a million smaller ones, one in the living room… I mean I could go on and on. Usually if I’m out somewhere and see a sale on baskets, I stock up because I know they will be used. It seems like the toy clutter is this living, breathing monster that terrorizes us from room to room, no matter what tactic we try to use to minimize it. I think that’s why having so many baskets in so many rooms is so handy. At the end of the night, whatever toys end up in whatever room can be just be tossed in a basket.

Use Baskets On Bathroom Vanities

I didn’t even realize it, but I’ve also got one on a counter in each bathroom. They’re handy places to store everyday objects that save you time from opening drawers and cabinets, especially if they’re childproofed like mine. The one in our hall bath holds, baby wipes, baby lotion, hairbrushes, and also some decorative greenery.

So next time you’re out at Target, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, wherever, I urge you to take a pass by the basket aisles and see what they have that could help out a problem area in your home. I guarantee you won’t be sad you did!

Also, check out this post on how to save money decorating your home for ideas on what to fill those baskets with on a budget!

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