How to Entertain Small Kids in Hotel When Raining

Greetings from Lexington, KY!! We’re here waiting to cheer on our Fighting Tiger baseball team in the state semifinals. We were supposed to play tonight, however, Mother Nature had other plans. So, we cancelled tonight due to rain and will hopefully be able to play in the morning.

Which means……. I have 2 small kiddos to entertain in a tiny hotel room for the entire day. And I don’t know what it is, but you confine our kids to a small space and they go stir crazy quickly. I guess even they have their limits on how many episodes of Paw Patrol they can watch.

So, here are some tips we’ve learned throughout our stay to hopefully help out someone getting ready to be in our shoes.

Tip #1 Find a hotel with an indoor pool

Luckily, our hotel has a heated indoor pool. I hadn’t done any research on where to stay, just booked where my husband and his team were staying. This was a huge life saver.

Our kids love the water and we were able to spend a few hours letting them expel lots of energy. Plus ol’ Mom here got to relax on a lounge chair for awhile. And it also served as a bargaining chip for good behavior when the whining started up. Win win.

We are also fortunate to have an arcade and indoor half basketball court here. Truth be told, I just turned the kids loose and let them play the demos on all the games. Obviously, older kids would figure that out and it wouldn’t be as cheap, but my kids thought they were at Disney World.

Tip #2) Actually let your 4 year old daughter pack all the toys she wants

When we were packing throwing stuff in a suitcase last night, my daughter kept tossing in all kinds of toys. After a few rounds of me telling her we didn’t need to bring all that and her sneaking it back in, I gave up.

But once we got here and realized there were no baseball games to be played, I was so glad. It kept her and her brother entertained for a few hours this morning. Don’t tell her she was right. She loves proving me wrong and she’s only 4. Heaven help me!

Tip #3) Kids love movie theaters! And popcorn!

This really is nothing earth shattering. I mean, what kid doesn’t love a movie theater. I just forgot how much! Something about sitting in their own big reclining seat with a big ol’ bucket of greasy, buttery popcorn and kids get all giddy!

Bonus points if it’s 3-D. Maybe it’s just us? Our kids are finally at the age where going to the movies is a feasible- dare I say- almost enjoyable option.

Of course, there are other honorable mentions that we didn’t attempt today such as shopping, or an indoor trampoline park. We just tried to keep it low key and relatively affordable. Plus, we’ve been so on the go lately that it was nice to have a little downtime too.

We also made a quick Walmart run this morning to grab some essentials for the room, like snacks and juice, since we have a little mini fridge and microwave in our room. Also had to pick up some puddle jumpers for the kids because that is the one thing I forgot.

Any tips I left out or anything you have to add?