Old Desk Makeover Before and After! (Little Girl’s Room Edition!)

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Old Desk Makeover Before and After

Once there was a little girl who drew and colored night and day. She had an imagination as big as the universe and loved expressing her creativity. She drew in the living room, she colored in the kitchen, she painted in the basement. However, the only place she didn’t do those things was in her own bedroom.

As I’m sure you know, this little girl is my four year old daughter. I’ve just finished redoing her bedroom as the result of my bribe to get her to sleep in her own bed. (You can read all about my good parenting here.)

And the one thing I was obsessed about putting in her new room was a small vintage rolltop desk. I think maybe because I was so obsessed with them when I was younger. There is something so magical as a kid, seeing this desk with a “hidden compartment” that you can hide by rolling the cover up and down. 

Not to mention all the little organizers and dividers and little teensy drawers inside. So many places to stash your stickers and markers.

Something told me my daughter would love it. 

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How To Organize Your Fridge

Ok, first of all, I’m really not that big of a loser that I have to organize my fridge. Or, maybe I am. I was just so tired of not being able to find anything, or more importantly, my husband kids, even after a trip to the grocery store.

I spend way too much time on Amazon (Amazon Prime- you are the devil), and one day I stumbled upon these fridge organizers. You wouldn’t think these little acrylic bins would make that big of a difference, but it has been a game changer for us.

They come in both narrow and wider sizes. There is also a can dispenser and a holder for eggs. You may notice I don’t use the egg holder, just a weird OCD tick where I have to know the expiration date. Haha!

I’m now able to store all of my daughter’s preschool lunches in one, yogurt in another, string cheese in another, and so on. My kids quickly learned which bins hold their snacks, what their lunch options are, even breakfast options sometimes.

Sometimes the seemingly small things I organize turn out to be the biggest time savers. I’m just a fan of anything that streamlines our life and makes things a little easier. Picture me pushing that big red easy button from Staples right now!

Here she is in all her beauty!

This pic is a little hard to see, I realize. The shelves in my fridge are clear, as are the bins. I drew some arrows in the next pic to help you see a little better.

I know the 1990’s called and want their fridge back. It’s definitely on the never-ending list. I’m debating between a side by side or the french door type. In our first home, we had a side by side that worked just fine for us. But, I also think it would be nice to have the extra room up top for bigger things like a pizza box or something.

If you have either of these types of fridges, weigh in below and let me know what kind you have and if you like it! Maybe tell me the brand also! Or, if you have any organizing tips for me, I’m all ears!

How to Pick a Playset For Your Kids and Why You NEED One…

The very best thing I believe Jeremy and I have ever, ever, ever, ever done as parents was to get our kids a playset. I should mention here that the grandparents actually purchased it for them, but we researched and picked it out.

They absolutely love it and wear it out!!

First, Why You Need One

There was an article in the Huffington Post a few years ago that talked about kids needing to spend at least 3 hours outside playing everyday. I totally agree with this from personal experience. My kids tend to be happier, sleep better at night, and just generally more content when we have days where we achieve this.

Now, don’t beat yourself up if your child doesn’t get this everyday. It’s just not possible everyday and I don’t believe life should be that structured. No one should be standing outside with a stopwatch timing little Susie’s play. I just use it as a guideline and try to take advantage of nice weather.

One thing I do know for a fact is this playset has provided endless hours of entertainment for my kiddos. My daughter could swing her little heart out. And my almost two year old son is learning how to navigate the slides, with our help of course, and they just go, go, go nonstop burning all their little energy.

Some Considerations to Keep in Mind

One thing to consider when customizing your playset, is how hands on you want to be. By that, I mean, if you have small kids and want to get some well deserved rest while they play, you probably don’t want to put in a “rock” wall. You also probably want to forgo the ladder and go with a ramp with a handrail that small kids can easily navigate on their own. You could design it in a way where once they’re up on the platform to go on the slide that there are no openings up there for them to fall through. Jeremy’s brother and his family did this with theirs and while you still need to supervise, you could safely do so from a rocking chair on the back porch.

We went with a rock wall and a ladder on ours. I want this playset to grow with our kids. While I may have to be more hands on for the next few years, I think the kids will still find it entertaining for many years to come. In fact, our daughter who is now four can pretty much do anything on the playset without assistance. So in two more years, we will be able to be more relaxed.

Our Inspiration

I posted here about the playset that came with the house and how we fell in love with it. It was past it’s prime and had seen better days, that’s for sure.

We brainstormed for years on how to revive this playhouse. We worried our small kids would fall off the deck while trying to go down the slide. The lip of the slide was lower than the deck itself and the steps were rickety. And although it had a slide, we had visions of swings and monkey bars and a big spiral slide as well.

Our first thought was to just tweak the existing playhouse by replacing the parts that needed it and adding on the other things we wanted. So like most projects we dream up, it went from being relatively simple to this huge elaborate thing.

And after awhile, we decided it would be better to just remove this playset and install a brand new one, as much as it pained us to do so. We just didn’t have the time to do it, honestly. There were too many other pressing concerns to deal with. Previous owners, please forgive us. It killed a little bit of my soul to do that.

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My Ugly Backyard- and What I Want To Do About It!!

You would never believe me, if I told you.

Trust me, if you saw my backyard in it’s current state, you would think I’m insane. Certifiable. Well, wait, I guess you will see it in a moment. You make your own call.

But it was this backyard that sealed the deal for Jeremy and I on our house. It’s a quaint little fenced in yard with lots of trees and squirrels. (Including Bob the squirrel, our little bob tailed squirrel that’s lived in our backyard since he was a baby.)

I love the silo in the background. If that land behind our lot is ever for sale, we plan to snatch it right up!

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To Paint or Not to Paint (Our Brick Fireplace)…

I am a lover of all things white and am firmly positioned on team #justpaintwhitealready. Before we moved in our home, I couldn’t wait to tackle the brown brick fireplaces. (We have one on the main floor of our home in the living room and another located in the basement.) Although I was up in the air whether to paint them solid white or do something fun like limewash the brick, I knew they would not be staying their natural color.

As time went by in our house, this project was put on the back burner as more pressing things were dealt with. The funny thing that happened was as time went by, the more fond I became of our brown brick fireplaces, especially the one upstairs. There is something organic and natural about it that really pops against our light gray walls and white wainscoting in the hallway.

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