DIY Bathroom Renovation on a Budget: We Sold Our Home in 4 Days!

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In honor of #throwback thursday, I thought I’d share our DIY bathroom renovation on a budget from our first home. You’ll have to excuse the terrible pictures and terrible lighting. I had no idea that one day I may actually do the blog that I was picturing in my head, even all those years ago.

I really think the old me would be impressed with the current me. I do wish I could go back in time and tell the old me that cleaning that 1189 square foot home was really no big deal and to stop complaining. Also, to enjoy my Friday nights binge watching Netflix and sleeping in on Saturdays. But, I digress. Back to the matter at hand.

Here’s some before’s to give you an idea of what we were working with.

Budget Friendly Bathroom Renovation
Budget Friendly Bathroom Renovation

In a lot of ways, this bathroom kind of reminds me of the hall bath in our current house. (You can see my plans for that here.) Except maybe our new bathroom might be a smidge uglier. That’s still up for debate.

How We Saved Money on this Remodel

We didn’t renovate this bathroom from our first house until right before we put it on the market. We tried to do the bathroom as frugally as possible since we were strictly remodeling the bathroom for resale purposes. It must have paid off because we sold this home in four days!

Had this been our forever home, we may have saved up a bit more money and splurged for some nicer tile on the floor, a new vanity, and so on. Instead we opted to save money by keeping the existing vanity but replacing the top. I also updated the base of the vanity with new hardware and Minwax gel stain.

We also opted to save money by not replacing the drywall where the old tile had been on the walls. It’s a cumbersome job to do yourself and paying someone to do it would have taken a chunk out of our budget. Instead, we installed a beadboard wainscoting over the bottom half of the wall. We literally didn’t even repaint!

The Results

Budget Friendly Bathroom Renovation
budget friendly bathroom renovation

The Cost Breakdown

It’s been almost 5 years, so I’m a little rusty on how much everything was. And literally cannot even remember the names of what we got. I do know it all came from Menards. So this is just a guesstimate to give you a ballpark figure.

In hindsight, we possibly could have still sold our house without putting the work in this bathroom. But, we really, really, really wanted our current house and we knew our home would sell more quickly with the updated bathroom.

  • New vanity top: ~$199. Similar one here.
  • New faucet: ~$80. Similar one here.
  • New toilet: ~$130
  • Tile (and supplies): ~$100 Similar floor tile here.
  • Lighting: ~$70 Similar here.
  • Mirror: ~$30 Find similar one here.
  • Wainscoting, trim, chair rail: ~$100
  • New accessories: ~$100

Grand Total: ~$809

Man, a little cash and a little sweat equity go a long way!! It turned out so nice for such a little bit of money. My only regret is that we didn’t do it sooner. We had about a month to live with our new pretty bathroom. Then it was off to the new house with two more outdated baths. I seriously never want to see that square ceramic tile for the rest of my life.

Budget Friendly Bathroom Remodel

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