Baby Boy Nursery Reveal+ Storage Tips for Small Bedrooms!

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Baby Boy Nursery

Budget Friendly Baby Boy Nursery/ Bedroom Reveal: My Favorite Tips for Storage for a Small Bedroom!

My sweet little baby boy was born before this blog actually became a thing. And I realized I never got to share his baby boy nursery with you guys. Since he’s still sleeping in his crib, I guess this can count, right?

(He’s still kinda sweet (haha) and not quite so little anymore. But still every bit just as loud!!)

He’s the youngest of our two kids which basically means he gets the shaft when it comes to bedrooms. His older sister’s room is much larger and comes with a bigger closet as well. I’m sure this will be a source of contention in the future when he is old enough to realize this horrible injustice.

In the meantime though, I’ve learned that decorating and designing a small bedroom can be so much fun. As can decorating for a boy in general.

For one, your budget can stretch a lot further because you simply don’t need as much stuff. Less walls to decorate, less floor space to work with….. you get the idea.

Here’s some photos of the finished room. I’ll give a source list at the bottom and tell you how I saved money decorating the room!

baby boy nursery
These little chain pulls were already on the fan from the previous owner’s son’s room. Such a sweet touch. It was like this room was always meant to be for a little boy:)

The challenge that comes with the smaller room is trying to find a spot for everything.

I had to get really creative when it came to toy storage and we had to completely reconfigure his teeny tiny closet. I’m hoping since he’s a boy he won’t care much about clothes and shoes and closets and such.

The small closet was reconfigured to include 2 closet rods and 2 shelves. This baby is a workhorse on storage.
We utilized one of those back of the door hooks and a shoe organizer to make a home for all the hats and shoes. We could also store action heroes and other toys in this down the road.

My goal was a soft, neutral paint color that I could accent with fun boyish colors like navy blue and muted greens. I figured (and was right) that there would be enough color in that small nursery from tractors, cars, sports memorabilia, dinosaurs etc. and wanted the wall color to be subdued enough it didn’t try to compete.

Basically just wanted a soft backdrop that those other colors could pop out against.

We decided to go with Sherwin Williams’ Accessible Beige and I absolutely love it. It’s the perfect tan/gray neutral and all the white accents just pop out against it.

All of the furniture you see are handy me downs from his older sister, hence the white. If we were buying him furniture from scratch I probably would have done something with a farmhouse wood tone. So my challenge was to make the white seem more masculine with the rest of the decor choices.

I pulled in some rustic elements such as the wooden curtain rod and wooden picture frames to “man” it up a bit.

We had some Ikea shelving left over from the living room at our old house that we hadn’t found a home for in this house yet. They were the perfect storage solution for an empty wall of this small nursery.

When our son was first born I left the shelves mostly bare. I wanted to wait and see what he was into so I could fill them with things he loves. He loves tractors, cars, playing ball… so that’s what he gets to look at everyday. Not to mention it’s another great way to store his favorite toys.

I also hung a couple of hooks to hold some baskets that I grabbed at Home Goods for toy storage. I think I spent about $20 total for these cute blue and white striped baskets.

These are more practical for him for everyday use than his shelves since they’re right at his height. (Also makes it easier to dump everything out, too. You win some, you lose some.)

We chose to make the focal wall the wall the crib is located on. Jeremy did a faux shiplap treatment for this wall that we painted in the same color as the rest of the walls. I love how masculine it looks with the color scheme.

If his room wasn’t so small, I might have painted the shiplap white for even more of a wow factor. But when trying to make a small space seem larger, one tip to trick the eye is to paint all walls the same light and airy color.

Baby Boy nursery

For a special, personalized touch we spelled out his little name on the wall above the crib. Jeremy then made a custom frame to go around it which mimics the look of the frame in his sister’s room.

I also chalk painted the frame green to play off the discounted picture frames I bought from Hobby Lobby, (I think I paid $15 for both of the green frames), which I used to display my favorite newborn pics of him. Look how little he was:)

baby boy nursery

One of the photos he’s holding this baseball as a prop, so I had to be sure to display it in his room somewhere.

baby boy nursery

The rest of the wall art I either bought at Hobby Lobby on clearance or used a 40% off coupon or Jeremy already had. The brown frame in the above pic (which I got on clearance for like $4 at Hobby Lobby) holds a print of the Yankees Stadium that I had gotten for my husband as a birthday present many years before.

The sign by the window says, “I love you, a bushel and a peck” which is the song my Dad and Mimi used to always sing to me. I have a very vivid memory of sitting on my Dad’s lap as a little girl and him singing this song to me. I love that the words from this song now hang in my son’s room.

All of the sports memorabilia comes from my husband’s deep love of sports. He coaches high school baseball and has for the past 12 years. He played 3 sports in high school. My kiddos have been drug along to so many sporting events already and consider the baseball field a second home.

I love, love how this room tells such a sweet and sentimental story of the little boy who lives here. Really goes to show that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to create the perfect, cozy baby boy nursery.

Speaking of money, here’s the breakdown.

Cost Breakdown and Source List:

  • This Pottery Barn Crib Sheet: $29
  • These Target Threshold Navy Curtains: $19.99
  • This Wood Look Curtain Rod: $26.49
  • Similar Changing Pad cover: $11.00
  • This Bushel and a Peck Wood Wall Art: on sale for $9.99
  • Similar Green Picture frame: $14.99
  • Similar blue and white basket: $19.99

Our grand total for our son’s room decor is: $166.48! Everything else we already owned. This price does not include the shiplap wall though. I’ll write up a post all about how Jeremy did that!

As he grows, we’ll change up the room a little. I’d like to add some built in drawers and shelving and maybe make some sort of bench/window seat for the window wall. Now that he’s older and playing in his room more, I’m also on the hunt for a rug. The great thing about his color scheme is how I can easily switch up some decor for a refresh down the road without having to invest a lot of money. I saw the cutest little blue and green dinosaur garland at hobby lobby that I’d love to add in somewhere.

I love how special his nursery turned out and hope you did, too. It just goes to show how being flexible with your decor, shopping sales, and using sentimental items you already have can create a one of a kind baby boy nursery!

Thanks for stopping by!

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    I love how you set up that closet! The biggest advantage of toddlers being so short is that you can hang more of their clothes in the closet!

    We have that same glider chair and love it! I use it to read even when the toddler is in daycare.

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