Accent Tile For Shower: 3 Options that Work Well With Subway Tiles


Time to get back at it. The Mondays after a Sunday are always the hardest! Haha, just kidding. But for real, Mondays after a holiday weekend are hard. So to pep myself up I’m gonna share with you my inspiration/ mood board for my future small master bathroom renovation in keeping with “Moody Mondays”.

And please bear with me and give me a little grace. I use the word “future” loosely. We may be really with it and get it done in the next month. Or maybe in the next year. More than likely the next decade. But, it is on the list and I want to share my plans with you. And although I’ve had these plans for almost 2 years, there’s something about putting it out there that will hopefully hold me accountable and make it happen sooner!

I can’t be the only one who makes all these plans while I’m at work only to come home and think, “What was I thinking? I’m gonna tile a bathroom tonight?? Yeah, right. It’s all I can do to make sure the kids survive and get fed and bathed and stuff.”

And you very well may be thinking, “So, why do you make these plans if it could be months or years down the road before you actually do this project?“. And you would be right to ask that. I think it’s important for two reasons. Let me explain my reasoning.

Why I Do Mood Boards

1.) This is a bathroom that I plan on renovating as classically as I can. Meaning nothing too trendy will be going in here. I thought about adding some shiplap to the walls or doing some fun tiles for the floor. But the thing about bathrooms is, it is way too costly to renovate a bathroom with trendy things only to grow tired of them or change your mind. And I change my mind. A lot. I want this bathroom to look just as good 15/20 years from now as it does when we renovate it.

So this means nothing but classic subway tile for the shower. I love subway tile. I always have. And, I know there’s a good chance I always will. And lots and lots of neutral, soothing colors that I shouldn’t grow tired of anytime soon. Accessories are where I’ll add that pop of color and where I can afford to go a little trendy. They’re relatively inexpensive and easy to change up when the mood strikes.

2.) The second reason I choose to go ahead and plan anyways is I like to know the direction my house is headed. Well thought out room remodels and color schemes can make a whole home seem more cohesive. Which is exactly what I’m striving for in this house. I want it to be a calming retreat for my family at the end of the day. I want a flow throughout the house from room to room, where our minds can breathe and be at ease.

How I Scored a Steal on the Vanity

We’ve been very lucky in the fact that we’ve already gotten some of the materials we need for this remodel. And we got them at a steal. There’s an online auction I frequented for about half a year. I had to quit because I was spending way too much money on things I didn’t neccessarily “need.”

The online auction is a collection of damaged or returned items from various online retailers, including Amazon, Home Depot, Target, and Wayfair. You aren’t always sure when bidding on merchandise what store it came from, although sometimes you have a pretty good idea.

Jeremy was skeptical at first, but once I brought home the bathroom vanity, that sealed the deal for him. Before you could say “I told you so” he was already online with his own account bidding on garage lights and a lawn dethatcher (that he won for $.10) and other things I could care less about. But he loves them so that’s all that matters. See what a team player I am?

The beauty of this auction is that I got a bathroom vanity that retails somewhere around $400 for $30. Then lucked out the next week and found a slightly scratched marble vanity top for $10 (which I think retails around $150-200). I found a $30 bathroom faucet, a $10 light fixture, and a $20 recessed, framed medicine cabinet with mirror.

So if you add up all the savings, I spent $100 for merchandise that would easily retail for over $900. That ain’t too shabby. (Jeremy didn’t think so, either. And, for the record, I did maybe mention “I told you so” to him once or twice.)

Here’s a pic of the vanity and marble top all set up in the the workshop just waiting patiently for us to put it in.

Small master bathroom renovation

What I can’t make up my mind about is the accent tile for the shower. I’ve compiled 3 different mood boards with different accent tiles. All of the other options stay the same.

Master Bath Accent Tile Mood Board Option #1

Mood Board Option 1 for small matser bathroom renovation

So here’s the first option of accent tile. I love the classic-ness of it. It’s not flashy or blingy. It’s very subtle and understated and is more of a classic beauty. Imagine it running around the shower as an accent or placed in a built in niche for shampoo and soap.

Master Bath Accent Tile Mood Board Option 2

Mood board #2 for small master bathroom renovation

This is the second option. The accent tile got a little bolder this time. Honestly, the picture of it doesn’t do it justice. I was reading reviews on this tile and some of the reviewers included pictures of their own remodels. This tile is breathtaking. And maybe just a smidgeon of a tad trendy.

Master Bath Accent Tile Mood Board Option 3

Mood board #3 for small master bathroom renovation

The last option is kind of a mix of the first two. It’s classic and kind of trendy at the same time with it’s color scheme. I love how all the colors flow together on this one. And I know it’s very monochromatic but like I said, the pops of color will come with the accessories and “fun” stuff.

So please help me!! Vote on which accent tile you like the most and help a girl out!

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  1. says

    Where are you planning to use the accent tile in the shower – floor or wall or both? Is there any reason why you are not picking one of these gorgeous “accent” tiles and using them on the whole floor? I like them all better than the floor tile you have at the moment.

    • lifeonlakestreet says

      I’m planning on definitely using accent tile on the walls and possibly the shower floor. My husband usually goes along with whatever I suggest but he was adamant about not having small tile on the bathroom floor. Otherwise, I totally would!

  2. says

    I love all the options you have, but I think I am leaning towards Mood #2!! I LOVE some Gray and white combos lol…I just redid our bathroom and kitchen in the same color schemes =)

    • lifeonlakestreet says

      Thanks for your input!! I love #2 also! Actually I love them all. Why does it have to be so hard?!

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