6 Budget Friendly Ways to Boost Spring Curb Appeal


Spring is one of my favorite times of the year (although so is summer. And fall! Okay, okay, basically any time of year other than winter.) But there is something special about spring. The new buds on trees, the lush green plants bursting from the ground, and the sounds of birds chirping are such sweet reminders that the season of renewal is upon us.

I am such an avid outdoor lover and feel so cooped up during the cold months. My family and I spend every spare second outdoors when it warms up. What better time to breathe a little new life into the outside of your home? These are such easy updates to make. And, the best part is you don’t have to spend a fortune to freshen things up!

1.) Annuals

Annuals (flowers or plants that only live for one season) are my favorite way to get a lot of bang for your buck. They add such a pop of color and a little goes a long way. Use them to fill up planters by the front door or have them cascading down large window boxes. Utilize annuals to fill in empty spots in your landscaping or scatter them around the base of a tree. Stick a couple at the base of your mailbox even.

Photo courtesy of Ansley:)

Every color imaginable can be found for both sun and shade. Stick to a monochromatic scheme you switch up every season or go crazy and plant a rainbow of colors. Or find your “signature” color that you go to every year. Our first home was brick with a lipstick red front door (that was the official paint color, not some crazy name I made up.)

I chose every spring to plant white impatiens all along the border of our flower beds. In this house, I choose to mix it up with a variety of colors. That’s the beauty of annuals. You only have to commit to one season. The possibilities are endless!

2.) Perennials

Perennials (flowers or plants that after planted come back year after year) are underrated workhorses in the landscape. They are pretty low maintenance once established. I have Stella de Oro daylilies around my mailbox, some lavender plants around my front walk, and a mix of other perennials such as hostas, liriope, phlox, dianthus, and crepe myrtle shrubs scattered throughout my foundation plantings.

Most of my perennials, in fact, also have the ability to be split into smaller plants that I can then replant in different areas for free! Think of them as the gift that keeps on giving.

3.) Paint the front door

Spring is a great time to bring the trusty paintbrush outdoors to freshen up your front door. Paint a nice contrasting color to make your house pop. Several colors would make a great choice for a front door. You could consider a robin’s egg blue, a sunny yellow, an orange-y coral, or an oil rubbed bronze to mimic the look of a wooden farmhouse door. I do adore anything farmhouse! Think of the front door as an accessory to your home and let your personality shine.

4.) Fresh Mulch

Nothing says spring to me quite like a new load of mulch scattered in my flower beds. It comes in several different options including black (my favorite), red, and natural. Mulch not your thing? No worries. You can find all kinds of different materials to tickle your fancy. Anything from straw to rocks to plants that act as groundcover.

Our house- before putting out fresh mulch.

Factors such as price, appearance, and maintenance will need to be considered. I like mulch first and foremost for the price but also because it allows me the freedom to move plants easily around my house. This plant not doing well in the full sun? No problem, I’ll move it over here. This plant not blooming as well as I’d hoped? I’ll move it to a sunnier location. Though, one thing to keep in mind with mulch is that is generally does have to be replaced every year. So while the cost is initially low, it is an ongoing cost. Stone or rock is a pretty hefty initial cost, but also one that lasts for a long time.

Our house- after applying fresh mulch.

Our first home had lava rock in it’s flower beds when we moved in. It wasn’t quite the look we were after and it was such a pain to try and move plants around. In addition, it was also very difficult to remove when we decided to go with mulch.

5.) Thrifted furniture

Every porch needs a pair of rocking chairs. Have you ever priced those puppies? One chair by itself can easily cost over $100. I found two great wooden rockers on facebook marketplace recently. I was able to snag two of them for half the price of buying one new chair. They need a little lovin’ but that’s a future project. I’ll write up a blog post all about how I did it. My kids love rocking in these chairs and I love that these timeless chairs can easily hold up to my kids’ abuse.

Also, when hunting down thrifted furniture, keep your mind open. Maybe you can find a cute little bench to redo or some nice wicker furniture. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. But if you can’t find a secondhand one you like, here are some links to some affordable new options:



6.) Spruce up the mailbox

Our mailbox. Just waiting for the daylilies to bloom.

The mailbox is an often overlooked piece of the curb appeal puzzle, if you will. A mailbox can be functional and also pretty. A beautifully landscaped mailbox signifies to me that this is a person who takes good care of their home. If the actual mailbox itself is looking a little dingy, just spray paint it!

Our mailbox

There is a slew of spray paints out there designed to adhere to multiple surfaces. This is also an item I see a lot of in yard sales in my area. As for the post the mailbox rests on, there are some pretty cheap options available online. I’ll post a few of my favorites below, including the one we have. There are also some great tutorials on Pinterest for DIYing your own post.

All that is left is adding some pretty house numbers to your post and planting a few plants/flowers. The whole transformation can easily be done in one weekend.




So there you have it. What are your favorite ways to boost your curb appeal?

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